places to go in marrakech

Marrakech tour guide

Places to go in Marrakech

While visiting Marrakech you may need to hire the services of a tour guide who knows the history of Morocco, the monuments and the most beautiful markets in Africa called the Souks.

Marrakech is now one of the best destination touristic and visited by people from all over the world. There are thousands of places to stay in from the low cost hotels to the luxury Riads and palaces. Around it there are the chains of the Atlas Mountains offering to the visitor nice excursions and an opportunity to visit the Berber villages. In only two hours there are the gold sand and the beaches. The famous Sahara is only Three hours drive from the city. Marrakesh itself is rich of it old imperial town, monuments, palaces markets, universal heritage places and buildings. The food is worldly appreciated and famous for the delicacies such as the Tagine, the Couscous and Tanjia.

And the best way to discover Marrakech and surroundings, is to be with a good guide who will guide you and support you during the tour.